Akyem Abuakwa Presbytery

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In August 1972 Synod at Tamale in the Northern Region, it was decided that the former Akyem/Kwahu Presbytery be separated to form two Presbyteries, namely, the Akyem Abuakwa Presbytery and the Kwahu Presbytery.

During this period, Rev. S.O. Karikari was the Presbytery Chairman and Rev. C.W. Osei was the Presbytery Clerk.

On 27th October 1972, an Emergency Presbytery was held at Anyinam where the former Akyem/Kwahu Presbytery was formally dissolved and the underlisted were elected to manage the two Presbyteries:


Rev. S.O. Karikari – Chairman

Rev. C. R. Okai – Clerk

Mr. S. T. Ampofo – Treasurer

Mr. E. K. Ampofo – Presbyter on Synod Committee


Rev. S. E. Kwaa – Chairman

Rev. E. A. Misa – Clerk

Mr. S. K. Yebo – Treasurer

Mr. E. B. Akuamoa-Sackey – Presbyter on Synod Committee

A joint Presbyterial Committee Meeting was held at Anyinam on 20th December, 1972 at which the assets of the former Akyem/Kwahu Presbytery were shared among the two Presbyteries.

The Akyem Abuakwa Presbytery started with twelve Pastoral Districts. These were: Kyebi, Kukurantumi, Begoro, Otumi, Asamankese, Kwabeng, Abomosu, Asiakwa, Old Tafo, Asuom, Akyem Akropong and Akwatia.As at 31st

December 2009, the total Christian community was 46,391 members, made up of:

Children under 12 years – 11,458

Children 12 to 18 years – – 6,022

Youth 18 to 30 years – 4,355

Youth 30 to 40 years – 3,162

Adult 40 years + – 21,394

The Presbytery is made up of twenty one (21) Districts.

The Districts are: Kyebi, Asiakwa, Apedwa, Asamankese, Anum–Asamankese, Osenase,

Akwatia, Kade, Otumi, Akyem Akropong, Abomosu, Asuom, Kwabeng, Anyinam,

Osino, Afosu, Osiem, Begoro, New Tafo, Old Tafo, and Kukurantumi.

Number of congregations is one hundred and seventy five (175)

Number of Preaching Posts is forty seven (47)

There are forty one (41) ministers manning the various Districts, congregations and institutions of the church.

There are thirteen (13) retired ministers in the Presbytery.

There are one hundred and eleven (111) catechists, and one hundred and three (103) caretakers.

The Presbyters in the Presbytery number one thousand, five hundred and forty nine (1.549).