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By the grace of God, the Christmas season is here again.  Since the season also signals to us that the year is ending, we must be grateful to God for protecting us and providing us with our needs throughout the year. It is good to be alive; and it pleases God that we remain alive to continue to serve Him and enjoy His love and goodness in the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas has become a season of expression of good will, peace, andlove in communities around the world.  It is has come to symbolise the miracle of bridge-building, bringing together persons and communities of diverse ethnic, religious, social, and political backgrounds. Let this spirit of unity inform our sense of national solidarity to speed up the healing process of breaches that may have occurred during and after the recent presidential and parliamentary elections.

Christmas shows God’s concern for all, especially, the weak and the marginalised. In the night when the infant Jesus was born, God sent angels with the Good News to shepherds in the fields. At the centre of the whole story was an obscure young woman, a young artisan – a carpenter, and a vulnerable baby-boy in a manger. But there were also the learned and the royal travellers from the East; as well as King Herod and his royal court officials. Although each of these responded differently to the news about the infant Jesus, God showed his concern to all by ensuring that no social class was denied the blessing of hearing the Good News. Let us honour the aged, women, children and all who, in one way or the other, have a limitation in exercising their full liberties as human being.

Christmas reminds us of the importance of the family in God’s plan. God needed the family to bring his salvation plan to reality. Let us, therefore, take advantage of this Christmas season to strengthen the family and create the right home environment in which children shall grow in the fear of God and in happiness. Let us express the goodwill and peace of Christmas by forgiving and affirming one another in the home so that we and our children may grow in the favour of God.

Christmas symbolises hope. It underscores the fact that God comes when all seems to be lost and we are on the verge of despair. That God should become human and be born as an infant to save the world is the clearest evidence that He will not abandon us to be disgraced. In the celebration of Christmas is God’s coded message that every human being is so precious that their value can be measured only with God himself as the standard of measure.  This makes it the responsibility of every one of us to endeavour to treat one another as the image of God, deserving of love, respect, and unconditional acceptance.

Christmas is also a season of revival. It is the time when Church members who have been inactive over time make effort to go back to Church. It is a great effort to make. If you belong to this category, I wish you a merry Christmas, and encourage you to go to Church during the season. There is always a loving welcome awaiting you in the House of God.

While I wish all our drivers a Merry Christmas, I admonish them to avoid risky behaviours on the road to ensure thatthis season is accident-free.   To the generality of Ghanaians I wish to remind you that in celebrating the precious gift of God at Christmas, let us also remember the gift of our lives and especially health.  During the festivities we should eat and drink in moderation. Excessive indulgence is unhealthy. Eat healthy food, drink a lot of water, exercise at least 3 times per week and have enough rest.

Finally, let me wish His Excellency the President John Mahama, President-elect Nana Akufo-Addo, and their families a Merry Christmas. I also wish the whole nation a peaceful and Merry Christmas.